Democrat Ali Saleh

“My service as an elected official is built on a foundation of good government reforms. I will take those same convictions with me to the State Senate.”  



My name is Ali Saleh. I am lifelong resident of the southeast, a city councilman, a dedicated government reformer, and a candidate for State Senate.


I am the son of Lebanese immigrants. My family moved to southeast Los Angeles county in the early 70’s to flee the human and economic devastation of civil war. So, I learned at an early age to love and respect democracy. Seven years ago, I also learned the true meaning of democracy.

Our local government in the City of Bell was riddled with corruption. Bell was my hometown and I couldn’t sit back and allow our elected officials and city administrators steal from the taxpayers. So, I co-founded an organization called, BASTA or Bell Association to Stop the Abuse but also means ‘Enough is enough’ in Spanish. My fellow reformers and I were successful in recalling the corrupt councilmembers and city administrators.

Thankfully they all went to jail for stealing from the people. While, that is a great and I am proud of those achievements my real story in public service really started when I was elected to the Bell City Council. This website will tell you the rest of my story and also explain what I have accomplished as a council member, why I have decided to run for California State Senate, and how I intend to bring good government reforms to the State Capitol.


“I will work hard to bring good government reforms to the State Capitol.”

- Councilmember Ali Saleh