Every city and community in southeast Los Angeles County deserves a government they can trust and one free of corruption.
— Ali Saleh

Here are some good government reforms I will work to make law in Sacramento:


Write a law that makes it easier for citizens advocacy groups to call for a state audit of local cities, counties, school and special districts.

Strengthen laws to ensure political funds are spent only on a campaign or legislative-related activities.

Work toward public funding of campaigns to ensure ‘grassroots’ candidates have an equal playing field.

Create an online disclosure system for local government that makes it simple for anyone to know who is funding local campaigns.

Write the ‘BASTA ACT’ that further strengthens watchdog protections, so individuals do not fear retaliation when they expose government corruption.



I believe healthcare is a human right.
— Ali Saleh

Here’s the good news about health care in California.


Our state is one of five states with the lowest rate of heart disease. It leads the country for keeping its young doctors in the state: California retains 70% of residents and fellows trained in-state.

 But there’s also bad news.

California ranks among the worst in the nation for actual access to health care. Having a great health care system is of no use unless that system is accessible to all.

 Creating a health care for program in California is complicated. Firstly, we need Washington D.C. to provide a Medicare waiver. While the current administration is certain not to cooperate,  California can still help supplement the federal Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) so that every child in California has health coverage.

 Citation StatNews



We simply cannot afford to have a public higher education system that California’s best students cannot afford to attend.
— Ali Saleh

California’s higher education system is the largest—and one of the most diverse—in the nation.

We have some of the top schools in the world for academic excellence–from UCLA to U.C.S.D. to UC Berkley.

However, these schools are increasingly difficult to access for California’s top students. Unfortunately, California’s UC Regents have allowed too many out-of- state and foreign students to enroll in our state universities. Those decisions are based primarily on who can afford to pay tuition.

There is a reason California’s universities, state colleges, and community colleges are called public–they are supposed to be affordable to any California student with the grades and grit. We simply cannot afford to have a public higher education system that California’s best students cannot afford to attend.

Here are some solutions to the problem:

  • Free tuition and book grants at all California community colleges.

  • Limit out-of-state enrollment to 10%.

  • Acceptance and tuition grants for all California students to state colleges with a 3.80 GPA and an SAT score of 1,200 or higher.

  • Acceptance and grants for all California students to UC schools with a 3.90 GPA and an SAT score of 1,450 or higher.




I’m committed to helping bring high-paying green jobs to the southeast.

— Ali Saleh
Photo by Elenathewise/iStock / Getty Images

There is a belief by some that job creation and environmental sustainability are opposing views.

That's an old way of thinking, and for many good reasons, we need to move away from that thinking.

First of all, as technology advances, sustainable solutions to environmental concerns such as energy, air quality, water, and solid waste management have advanced as well. 

It's also true that green jobs are some of the fastest-growing employment opportunities in California.

These are quality jobs that range from engineering to installation in:

  •             The rooftop solar industry (rooftop and solar businesses)

  •             Home and commercial HVAC and weatherization

  •             Wind power

  •             Liquid biofuels

  •             Geothermal

  •             Bio Mass


  • Work to provide state grants to our local universities and community colleges to strengthen environmental studies curricula and training.

  • Work to create Biotech & Sustainability Institutes at Cal State Long Beach.  

  • Provide incentives to local businesses and cities when they lower their carbon footprint.     




The 33rd Senate District has the most crowded freeways in the world–the 405, the 5, the 91, and the 710. Those crowded freeways not only cause a lot of frustration for all of us but also create serious health problems for our communities caused by vehicle emissions and particulates from tires.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there are realistic solutions to these problems if we have the vision and political will to solve them. I will work on the following objectives in the state capitol.

Create a regional transportation plan that emphasizes sustainable solutions to transportation development such as:

  • Creating Transportation hub sustainable communities that include housing and shopping.

  • A strong emphasis on low emission vehicle infrastructure.

  • Implementing Hot Zone legislation (AB 617) to advance health communities.

  • Enhancing bus routes along transportation corridors such as Atlantic Blvd., Del Amo Blvd., Cherry Ave., Martin Luther King Blvd., Firestone Blvd., Florence Blvd, Imperial Highway, among others.