My values on LGBTQ issues.


A values statement from Ali Saleh:

“ I am a strong supporter of human rights for all people. Specifically, I consider myself a strong LGBTQ ally. I have always supported the rights of same-sex people to marry and to in turn have the same legal protection of any married couple. I vehemently opposed Proposition 8.

I am proud that the LGBTQ has made so many strides toward full equality both legally and socially.

Additionally, I am proud to serve on the Bell City Council with my good friend, Fidencio Gallardo. Fidencio, who is a legendary high school teacher in South Gate and was an essential part of our good government BASTA coalition. Fidencio is also one of only two openly gay council member in Southeast Los Angeles County history.

Finally, as a Muslim-American, I am intimately familiar with discrimination and bullying. Hence, I strongly support hate crime laws and believe they should be strengthened.